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Vital link Inc. was established in Texas in 1990 and Vital Link (Europe) Limited began UK based operations in 2004. Vital Link and its companies joined the Atec group of companies in January 2017. Our combined team, which also includes Celtech, offers unmatched worldwide support of aero engine test facilities and systems.

We are leading specialists in the design, manufacture, and installation and commissioning of aero engine test facilities, aircraft hush houses, ground support equipment, ground run-up enclosures, data acquisition systems and performance software. Vital Link provides engine test facilities to military and civilian engine Maintenance Repair and Overhaul establishments worldwide. Vital Link specializes in building new facilities and the refurbishment, upgrade and modification of existing facilities. Vital Link is ISO ​9001:2008 accredited.

Vital Link Inc. provides fabrication and worldwide installation of both military and commercial aero engine test facilities and systems. Capabilities include:

  • Full “Turnkey” Design and Project Management
  • Design, Manufacture, Installation and Commissioning of Aero Engine Test Facilities
  • Life Cycle Maintenance and Facility Upgrade and Relocations
  • Full training for end user personnel for the facilities and equipment provided
  • Comprehensive technical publications
  • In-service Product Support
  • Follow-on on-site technical support
  • Dedicated customer website page “login” services as required by the customer
  • Supply of associated spare parts and equipment
  • Fabrication of Acoustic components and steel structures

In addition, Vital Link Europe Ltd., provides
  • Fully Automated Data Acquisition Systems (FADAS™) and customer orientated Engine Performance Software Solutions
  • Electronic Engine Control Systems – Including Fully Automated Test Capability
  • Design Manufacture Installation and Commissioning of Turbo-shaft Engine Test Facilities
  • Facility Support Systems

Our product line also includes the design and construction of Ground Run-up Enclosures (GREs) and portable testing facilities.

Vital link are proud to be suppliers to:
  • US Air Force
  • NASA
  • US Navy
  • BAE Systems
  • UK Ministry of Defence
  • Danish Government
  • Selected Vendor of other Foreign Military Customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia
  • OEM Vendor for Rolls Royce, General Electric Pratt and Whitney and others




The testing of military and commercial jet engines is an extremely demanding environment. Vibratory loads on structures, thrust loads on equipment, extreme temperatures, aerodynamic performance, noise attenuation, cell depression, and potential Foreign Object Damage (FOD) are all considerations. With millions invested in engines, and the safety of aircraft and lives at stake, the selection of a knowledgeable provider of testing facilities is critical.

Vital Link personnel have been involved since 1979 with the fabrication and world- wide installation of both military and commercial jet engine test cells, hush houses, Ground Run-up Enclosures (GRE) and associated facilities and systems.

Our US Facilities in Sealy, near Houston Texas include Our Corporate Management Offices and Engineering and Production Departments. The manufacturing facility is a total of some 87,200 sq ft (6,038 sq m) with capability to produce finished fabricated steel assemblies, machined components and basalt acoustic fill. Environmentally controlled rooms within the manufacturing facility covered area also allows for trial assembly of systems and assemblies for customer inspection and testing prior to shipment. The manufacturing facility also provides a depot for the supplies and equipment used by our field crews during on-site elements of our contracts.
Now firmly established in Europe our UK personnel have a vast experience of providing projects for a multitude of aero engine test cells from a variety of engine manufacturers in various locations worldwide. In addition to thrust engine experience Vital Link (Europe) also specialize in providing turbo-shaft / turbo-prop engine test facilities.

Vital Link also operates a satellite office in the United Arab Emirates to serve the interests of our customers based in the Middle East and support aero engine test facilities provided by Vital Link in the region.

Our corporate philosophy is based on flexibility and responsiveness to our customer's needs. All Vital Link personnel from management and sales through manufacture and field activities, our experienced employees are committed to providing quality aero engine testing solutions that give optimum life cycle costs to our customers in a timely manner.

Quality Approach


Vital Link believes in providing well design, constructed and installed products that meet the customers’ expectations and perform reliably and cost effectively. To meet this commitment Vital Link operates in accordance with our ISO ​9001:2008 accredited quality system, while working in close partnership with customers and suppliers to meet individual contract requirements.



Vital Links recent projects include:

  • A New design of Hush House with capability to automatically perform performance tests on un-installed F100 derivative engines
  • Engine test facilities for the F100-PW-220 and -229 engines as an approved vendor to Pratt & Whitney
  • A Modular turbo-shaft engine test facility for the Rolls Royce GEM engine
  • A Rolls Royce GNOME engine (T58 derivative) test facility for the UK Ministry of Defence
  • Two Hush houses for testing F-16 aircraft and uninstalled F100 engines
  • A turbo-shaft test cell project for a range of Pratt & Whitney Canada engines including the PT6A and PT6T (T400) engines
  • On-going up-grades to the exhaust systems of USAF A/F32 T-9 engine test facilitys and AF37 T-10 Hush Houses using the patented ESAK system developed by Vital Link
  • On-going refurbishment and maintenance of USAF engine test facilities including the A/F32 A-18, A/F 32 T-4, A/F 32T-9, A/F37 T-10, A/F37 T-11and A/F 37T-12

Proven Record


Vital Link is a supplier to the United States Air Force, Navy, NASA, United Kingdom Ministry of Defense, other foreign military customers, and others.