Acoustics and General Fabrication

Introduction to VLI Fabrication

VLI has been in operation since 1990, performing heavy manufacturing of steel and acoustic assemblies and systems for aerospace and industrial applications including the petrochemical, gas and oil industries. We are ISO 9001:2008 registered for the Design, Fabrication, Construction, and Maintenance of Aero Engine Test Facilities and Complex Steel Structures.

Our home office in Sealy TX includes an 80,000 square foot manufacturing plant located on thirty (30) acres. Our three (3) bay manufacturing facility offers an underhook height of thirty-eight (38) feet, which allows us to manipulate large assemblies and components. Capabilities include a 20 Ton, 10 Ton, and two 5 Ton overhead cranes. This gives us a high degree of flexibility and capability to manufacture, refurbish and trial fit large acoustic assemblies, steel structures, and industrial equipment of all varieties. Site includes approximately 7,200 square feet of covered blast and paint area.

Our staff also includes mechanical engineering and drafting staff, utilizing SolidWorks and Autocad to produce design and fabrication detail drawings in support of our projects.

Acoustic Products and Assemblies, General Steel Fabrication

VLI delivers a variety of manufactured acoustic products with applications for aero engine, industrial and gas turbine facilities and installations. These include inlet silencing packages, acoustic panels, mobile control booths, doors, enclosures, exhaust diffusers, tubes and stacks. Products may be custom designed to customer specifications or built to print. See the photo gallery below.

Manufacture of PLC Based Facility Control Systems (FCS)

VLI designs, manufactures, installs and maintains customer facility control systems for our various engine test cells and hush houses. FCS system components are manufactured, inspected and bench tested in our facility prior to installation in the field. VLI also custom manufactures variable frequency drive systems, door controllers and motor operators to meet the operational requirements of our T-9 and T-10 NSS and turboshaft test cells.