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Vital Link 24/7 urgent Hotline for Maintainers and Operators 1.877.514.2218

Vital Link, Inc.

Open Monday - Friday 07:30 to 17:00 CST

914 Bartlett Road Sealy, TX 77474
Tel +1 979 885 4181 Fax 979 885 3274

Vice President, Contracts - A.C. Kujawa,, ext. 120
Vice President, Manufacturing and Field Operations - Johnny Gunnels,, ext. 121 (POC for USAF Hush House Program)
Sales Manager – Guy Sessions,, ext. 163 (POC for Special Projects, Commercial Sales and ASME Fabrication)
QA Manager - Russell Hankins,, ext. 112

Located fifty (50) miles west of Houston, Texas

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Vital Link Europe Ltd

Open Monday - Friday 09:00 to 17:30 Local Time

Unit 9, Stanhope Gate, Stanhope Road
Camberley, Surrey GU15 3DW, United Kingdom
Tel: +44(0) 1276 401570 Fax: +44(0) 1276 469581

Operations Manager - Basil Greenwood,, ext. 202

Located forty (40) miles south of London in Camberley, Surrey

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Our office locations are close to international airports and are easily accessed by road facilitating ready support of our customers and projects, wherever they are located.