Portable Test Cells

Portable facilities offer the user the advantage of being able to relocate the facility with minimal costs if required to fulfill future organization or mission requirements. Vital Link provides a range of portable, modular test facilities that are suitable for a variety of engine types. These Portable Engine Test Systems (PETS™) Require only a simple concrete foundation. The modules are fabricated and fully fitted out prior to shipment to reduce the on-site installation and commissioning time. The modules are supplied as single units suitable for smaller engines and for larger or multiple jet engines projects, as number of modules which when connected on-site form a complete test facility. Already selected by military and engine OEM’s Vital Link Portable Engine Test Systems (PETS™) are a flexible low cost engine test solution. For larger jet engines modular units are provided for the control room and engine support services. The engine is mounted on a test stand that can be located in a demountable enclosure that gives environmental protection for the equipment and for personnel during the installation and removal of the engine. Typically Vital Link’s services include full installation, commissioning and cross-calibration of the facility.

Portable Module on Truck

Portable Module off Truck

Portable Module in Place

Assembled Facility