Project Management and Field Services

Design and Project Management

Vital Link Project Departments based in the US and UK have extensive experience in meeting customer requirements to provide oversight of all aspects of project design, manufacture, installation and commissioning in accordance with our ISO 9001:2008 procedures.


Vital Link offer services to customers to ensure that new projects and upgrades to existing facilities are planned and managed to meet the end-user requirements and conform to industry and local national standards for design, construction, operation and safety. Vital Link consultancy services also focuses on life cycle cost and operational availability. As part of this service Vital Link provide system and component studies such as Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) analysis to assist customers in controlling costs, assessing future maintenance and inventory control.

Life Cycle Maintenance

Vital Link provides on-going support for engine test facilities by providing analysis of failures, component redundancy and up-grades for operational capability requirements or to improve performance of facilities to support customers and users revised current and future requirements. Vital Link has extensive experience in providing such support for US Air Force engine test facilities which has extended operational availability, improved performance while reducing the cost of ownership. Improvements include up-dated control systems, improved exhaust acoustic systems (ESAK) and greater operational availability though spares logistical programs and preventative maintenance planning.

In-service Support

Vital Link offers technical support to customers to maximize availability of facilities to meet customer requirements through services that includes:

  • Telephone and on-line customer support
  • Site call-out support
  • Site based technical support representatives
  • Calibration, repair and overhaul services
  • Customer training
  • Technical Orders
  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals
  • Spares Publications and up-dates
  • System/component MTBF analysis
  • Spares provisioning including in-house inventory

Refurbishment and Relocation

Vital Link provides comprehensive support for the refurbishment of jet engine test facilities. Vital Link Site personnel work together with our technical staff to produce a refurbishment plan that meets the customer technical requirements, time restrictions, workload requirements, and budgetary restrictions. Vital Link provides all services for the complete overhaul of the facility including the structure, intake and exhaust systems and test systems.

Vital Link possesses all required Level III drawings and appropriate Technical Orders for U.S. Air Force jet engine test facilities including A/F32 A-18, A/F 32 T-4, A/F 32T-9, A/F37 T-10, A/F37 T-11 and A/F 37T-12, to ensure that facility configuration control is maintained.

Vital Link also specialize in the relocation of complete jet engine test cells and aircraft acoustical enclosures (hush houses) including U.S. Air Force A/F 32T-9, A/F37 T-10, A/F37 T-11and A/F 37T-12 and US Navy T-10 Hush House. We are recognized by the U.S. military as the contractor of choice in this field having performed over twenty (20) such relocations for the U.S. Air Force and Navy, providing saving U.S. taxpayers millions of dollars.

Vital Link relocation contracts are often performed on a turnkey basis that includes the provision of new reinforced foundations, site utilities, and reinstallation of the facility together with the customer specified level of refurbishment or upgrade.

Spare Parts Inventory

Vital Link hold inventory of new, long lead, spare parts for US Air Force Noise Suppressor Systems (Hush Houses and Test Cells) to minimize the downtime during repair and refurbishment activities undertaken by the company. Products include but are not limited to hardware, seals and insulation, lights, light kits and ballasts, cameras, motors, gearboxes, variable frequency drives, and components associated with these systems. These are also available for direct sale to commercial and Government customers. Vital Link accepts non-complex purchase orders, Mastercard and Visa.

Field Operations

Vital Link field capabilities include active teams of engine test facility technicians, together with the appropriate tooling and equipment for the turnkey installation, maintenance, refurbishment and relocation of jet engine test and other sound suppression facilities. Vital Link Inc. employs permanent site crews that typically include the required trades such as ironworkers, sheet metal workers, electricians, mechanics, and painters.

Our personnel are experienced in managing all aspects of test facility construction, including site utilities, reinforced foundations, thrust restraint systems, steel erection, acoustical intake and exhaust systems, mechanical and electrical systems, and fire protection systems.

Our Field Site Superintendents on average typically have ten (10) years experience in the construction of T-9, T-10, and T-12 Noise Suppressors, as well as other commercial and military jet engine test facilities.