Vital Link, Inc. was founded in Sealy, TX in 1990, as a successor to J4 Construction. Other well-known companies contribute to VLI’s pedigree in hush houses, noise suppressors and jet engine test equipment. VLI can support legacy equipment from Williams Steel, Exceletech, IAC, Environmental Elements, ASE, Cullum Detuners, Page Avjet, Space Corp, Techspace Aero, Cenco, MDS, Celtech, Astronics and Atec and others. Our sustainment work on USAF test enclosures worldwide is highly respected.

Vital Link’s 100,000 square foot manufacturing plant is located in Sealy, TX. This 30-acre campus with more than 100 personnel in 7 buildings, accommodates fabrication of hush houses and noise suppressors, as well as manufacturing and refurbishing of steel structures & industrial equipment. Our three-bay manufacturing facility offers 38 foot ceilings and large overhead cranes.  The campus also includes covered blast and paint areas. Vital Link is currently in a significant modernization of our campus.

On January 10, 2017, Atec, Inc., the nation’s oldest aeroengine test cell and support firm, purchased Vital Link, Inc. as a wholly-owned subsidiary. The combined organizations offer 200 years of corporate history. Vital Link’s Hush House and Noise Suppressor experience is the world’s best, and our total offerings are unmatched.

Now involving over 110 engineers and comprehensive production assets, Vital Link, Atec, Celtech and Hager Machine & Tool are upgrading products and pursuing larger aerospace and energy challenges. Project Management for worldwide construction erection, installation, and sustainment tasks is our strength. No support project is too large for our combined resources. We invite you to also visit and for more information.


Vital Link is the USAF’s preferred supplier and maintainer for Hush Houses and Noise Suppressors. VLI’s primary business is the manufacture, construction and sustainment of Hush Houses and Noise Suppressors. Our renowned field service teams are deployed worldwide. Our Heavy Fabrication capability has us manufacturing structural steel, electrical systems, acoustic panels, enclosures and assemblies, mechanical systems for hush houses, ground support equipment, adapters, thrust stands, augmentors, fire suppression systems and other specialty equipment items.

Administration at Vital Link includes Project Management, Field Services, Fabrication, Quality Assurance, IT, Accounting, Contract Administration, Document Control, Purchasing, Quotations, Shipping & Receiving,  Human Resources and Maintenance. We became a subsidiary of Atec, Inc., the oldest test cell company in the USA, in January 2017. This merger has strengthened our infrastructure, engineering and overall capabilities. Vital Link, Celtech, Hager Machine, NETS and Atec now have the most comprehensive offerings for military turbine engine test applications. Our corporate family now includes 10 international locations on 60+ acres housing 300+ personnel in 300,000 square feet of work space.

Vital Link’s plant includes heavy cranes, brake press, plate shears, ironworking gear, CNC mills and lathes, metal saws, beam line, metal punches, cutting tables, stud and resistance welding machines, jigs, jig tables, jib cranes, manlifts, forklifts, electronic troubleshooting equipment and more. We also have the instruments required for the installation and testing of Hush House sub-systems after repairs or relocation, including: temperature measuring devices, surveying equipment, lighting gages/sound meters, load testers and electrical meters. Our equipment assets are broadly enlarged by our new affiliations with Atec and Celtech.

VLI’s tall shop bays are large enough to house pre-assembled and fit checked Noise Suppressors, or parts including A-18s, T-8s, T-4s, T-9s and T-10s. We have had multiple Noise Suppressors undergoing refurbishment and/or being stored at our facility at the same time.  Our 30-acre campus contains bays dedicated to inventory storage, crating and parts staging. Our exterior yard facilitates loading, staging, and bulk equipment storage, with dedicated covered & contained areas for blasting and painting structural steel, large metal components and assemblies.  VLI is ISO 9001 Certified.

Our field teams are legendary at Vital Link. We frequently have over 5 tasks ongoing at international work sites. Combined with Atec, Celtech, NETS and VLE, over 10 simultaneous field assignments can be undertaken with our 50+ engine test SMEs.  When it comes to sustainment of engine test enclosures, Vital Link’s team is simply the world’s best.

Production Capabilities
  • Precision Mechanical Buildup
  • Painting & Blasting
  • Repairs & Obsolescence Sourcing
  • Engineering & CAD
  • Full Integrations & Assembly
  • Packing, Shipping & Logistics
  • Form, Fit, Function, Familiarity and Interface Compatibility
  • Metal Forming & Fabrication
  • Construction
  • Field Team Coordination
  • Heavy Lift & Handling
People Who Make Up Vital Link
  • Mechanical Assemblers
  • Welders & Fitters
  • Project Managers
  • Engineers
  • CAD Designers/Detailers
  • Human Resources
  • Contract Administrators
  • Document Control & Configuration
  • FSRs/Technicians
  • Construction Foremen
  • Installers & Onsite Crews
  • Buyers & Expediters
  • Painters & Blasters
  • Quality Assurance Inspectors
  • Heavy Equipment Operators & Drivers
  • Shipping/Receiving/Materials/Stockroom
  • 7 buildings/100K sq ft/30 acre Campus
  • 3 High Bay Shops
  • Cranes, Lifts, Work Platforms, Scaffolding
  • Paint & Blast Facilities
  • Steel & Sheet Metal Handling Area
  • Basalt Insulation Furnace
  • Climate controlled areas
  • Extensive Storage & Handling Assets
  • Electronic Diagnostic/Repair Lab
  • Work Tables, Stands, Tooling, Hand Tools
  • CAD & FEA Software
  • Trucks & Forklifts & Heavy Dollies