V ital Link has a long fabrication history making control cabs and specialized boxes to meet our customers’ needs. Super Quiet™ control cabs are also available for rugged use out in the field. These super-quiet, acoustic cabs protect the user from the harshest environments.

VLI’s PTC-13-4 portable control cab can host a control and data acquisition system. It is rugged, blast proof, and designed to minimize noise transmissions into the cab. The cab has a NIC 60 rating and is easily transportable. A larger control cab is available as an option to maximize the comfort of operators.

Super Quiet™ Control Cabs are easily moved with a fork lift and feature shock mounting. Optional running gear to provide standard towing capability for on-base/on-airport mobility is available. Atec and Celtech also design and manufacture control cabins and control room modules for portability, with VLI’s Super Quiet™ cabs being the USAF’s modern standard.

Key Features & Advantages

  • 8.6′ H x 8′ W x 12.5′ L Standard Size-fits T10 alcove
  • Meets Noise Isolation Class 60
  • Can be extended to provide more space
  • Noise transmission reduction:
    – 4″ Acoustic insulation in walls; Weight 15,000 lbs
    – Door located in the rear of the cabin
    – Cable pass through located at right exterior wall w/ 3 passages
  • Wiring & conduit encapsulated bt interior walls
  • Blast rated observation window (Level 1)- 3 panes
  • Commercial-Off-The-Shelf 18K BTU/1.5 Ton HVAC
  • Whole cab sits on isolation pads to reduce vibration transmission into the cab
  • Fork lift pockets on all 4 sides and lifting rigs
  • 32″ Wide door push to open, externally lockable
  • Improved interior lighting
  • Exterior lighting w/ automatic dusk to dawn sensor
  • Wall-mounted fire extinguisher & smoke detector
  • Built-in work desk
  • Standard industry console
  • Compatible with all existing USAF engines
  • Upgraded power system with multiple electrical outlets for both 208VAC and 110VAC-Customizable
  • Entire control console backed up by UPS
  • Main power electrical disconnect
  • Non-slip, elevated floor
  • Multiple groundpoints
  • Exterior power outlets
  • Mature Users Manual