Vital Link can fabricate products ranging in size from small, intricate pieces to large weldments and fabricated structures. We have specialized welding machines and fixturing equipment necessary to perform the fabrication of test fixtures and structures needed for your project. Most importantly, we have the certified welders and boiler/tank piping fitters to perform your work properly. VLI has 3 High Shop Bays and numerous Cranes and Lifts for moving large fabricated structures. We offer complete material origin tracking to assure all products are fabricated with proper material and processes. Much modernization is underway at Vital Link following our joining Atec in early 2017. Energy and Industrial workloads are now reinvigorated, complementing our aerodefense activity. Now joined with Atec, Celtech and Hager, our total machining capability is hugely expanded to include multi axis CNC mills, lathes, waterjets, 3D printers and more.

Vital Link’s large scale fabrication capabilities have increased the Atec Companies’ production capacities and field services.

Heavy Fabrication Equipment:

• 50 Acres on 4 Campuses w 250,000 sq. ft.
• Scaffolding, Work Platforms
• Numerous Welding Tables
• Steel & Sheet Metal Handling Area
• 3 High Bay Shops
• Extensive Storage & Handling Assets
• Boom Lifts
• Heavy Forklifts
• High Scissor Manlifts
• MIG, TIG, Arc, Gas & Braze
• Holding and Rotating Fixtures
• Overhead Cranes
• Laser Cutting
• Sand Blasting Facilities
• Large Painting Enclosures
• High Capacity Electric Service
• Large Scale Machining
• Trucks & Heavy Dollies
• Laser Measuring Devices
• Huge Pull Test Fixtures


• Tube Bending
• NDT & Couponing
• Waterjet
• Laser Cutting
• Large Scale Sawing
• Machining & Grinding
• 3D Printing & Modeling
• Plate Bending, Rolling, & Shearing
• Electric Welding
• Flame Welding & Cutting


• Stainless Steels
• Aluminum
• Carbon Steels
• Beryllium Copper
• Torlon
• Composites
• A286
• Inconel
• Aeromet
• Monel
• Insulators


• Heavy Frameworks
• Large Support Structural Silencers
• Large Augmenters/Exhaust Tubes
• Complex Steel Structures
• Sub-Systems Skidding
• Thrust Frames & Engine Adapters
• Engine Holding Equipment
• Clevises, Tie-Downs & Deadmen
• Actuated Work Platforms
• Hoists, Lifts & Trailers
• Cranes & Monorails