Project & Field Services Overview

V ital Link has fielded hundreds of hush house installations worldwide. We have always serviced what we sell, and with our new affiliation with Atec, our service resources are better than ever. Call our 24/7 Hotline after hours, our main number during work hours or email us for assistance with your aeroengine support inquiries. Our worldwide repairs and support tasks IDIQ contract with the USAF maximizes our resources for field services. Our Project Management Office (PMO) coordinates and tracks all project activities. Vital Link provides factory refurbishment, field trouble shooting, site surveys, inspections, relocation of equipment, custom manufacturing, acoustic treatments, construction, project management, repair evaluations, modernizations, spares recommendations, customizations planning, installations, replacement sourcing, and more. A new tasking category for 2018 and beyond will be Fire Suppression Systems repairs and configuration upgrades. Sustainment is our thing. Many military and commercial customers are moving to Maintenance Service Agreements (MSAs) to keep their valuable assets in good repair and keep the training of their operations personnel up to date. Although Vital Link focuses on hush houses and noise suppressors, heavy fabrication and construction, we also service over 200 years of components representing over 35,000 NSNs. VLI, Atec, Celtech & NETS products represent that latest in USAF and USN approved systems, as well as a long history of legacy equipment.