ital Link, Inc. has over 30 years of military construction history. Vital Link represents the USAF for noise suppressor systems and fire suppression systems repairs and support worldwide. VLI’s experience in hush houses and noise suppressors is world leading, with locations in Texas, England, UAE and Turkey. Their field teams and large scale steel fabrication are highly respected. Beyond project work around the globe, Vital Link represents the USAF for noise suppressor repairs worldwide.

Vital Link, along with VLE, Atec, NETS and Celtech has the team of people needed to handle demanding construction and field service projects, as well as the manufacture of best in class operating equipment. We have dozens of employees form the nucleus of our active construction and field teams, which also includes important consultants/SMEs, project managers, engineers, general contractors, specialty subcontractors and craftsmen. Our teams handle work worldwide, and we are well-experienced in foreign project accomplishment.

Sample Projects

  • Abu Dhabi, UAE-GE, Advanced Hush House with manned MSA
  • Dover, MD-USAF, CF6 Test Cell
  • 7 Worldwide Locations, Allied Airforces, JSF Propulsion Test Facilities
  • UK & Canada-RR and PWC, Modular, Turboshaft Cells for GEM, GNOME(T58) and PT6
  • WPB, FL-PW, HD Exhaust System fabrications for PW100G
  • Arnold AFB-AEDC, Environmental RAM Air Engine Test Facility
  • Oceana, VA-Navy, Test Cell with Square Augmentor
  • Fallon, NV-Navy, T-10 Hush House Design/Build
  • San Antonio, TX-SA Airport, Large Ground Runup Enclosure
  • Chocolate Bayou, TX-Amoco, Aluminum Silos
  • Deer Park, TX-Clean Harbors, Hazardous Waste Stabilization Facility
  • Worldwide-30+ Hush Houses (Constructed)

Pre-Project Services

• Project Management
• Site Surveys
• Estimating Workups
• Consultant Selection
• HSE Planning
• Contracts Definition
• Documentation Reviews
• Feasibility Studies
• Project Communications Setup
• Milestones Identification: as major considerations come into focus, the Customer and VLI collaborate to maximize project success

Project Services, Safety & Environmental Processes

• Affirmative Procurement & Recycling
• Local Supply, Subcontracting & Servicing
• Construction Management
• Detailed Definition
• Phasing and Scheduling
• Reports, Permits & Fees
• Procurement & Inspections
• Documentation & Submittals
• Safety & Environmental
• Contracts Administration
• Project Accounting
• Design Engineering
• Heat, Stress, Flow, Noise, Harmonics, Logistics and Capacity Studies
• Virtual Renderings & 3D Modeling
• Routing & Placement Conflicts Analysis
• LEEDS and Operating Safety Impacts
• Closeout/Warranty
• Maintenance Service Agreements/General Service Agreements