Over the past 27 years, Vital Link has manufactured and fabricated equipment to support engine testing at hundreds of locations worldwide.

Vital Link manufactures, moves and repairs hush houses and subsystems for aeroengine test and support. Atec, Celtech and NETS manufacture and repair aeroengine test cells and test stands. Together, we manufacture the latest configurations of Engine Test Adapters, Fuel Systems, Air Systems, Starters, Engine Stands/Mounts and Data Acquisition & Control Systems. Similarly, we offer modern and legacy support equipment solutions for the most popular aviation engines.


Mechanical Systems:

  • Engine Test Adapters
  • Test Stands and Accessories
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fuel Systems and Skids
  • Oil Preservation Systems
  • Air Start, Compressors, Dryers
  • Lubricating Oil Cooling Systems
  • Test Stand Accessories
  • Engine Adapters
  • Bellmouths and Screens
  • Hoists and Lift Systems
  • Work Platforms
  • Acoustic/Noise Treatment Products
  • Thrust Frames
  • Cabins & Enclosures
  • Structural Frames & Bracing
  • Custom Weldments/Fabrications