Heavy Fabrication Overview

V ital Link has been fabricating steel and acoustic assemblies and systems for aerospace and industrial applications for the last 30 years. Our Sealy Campus includes 125,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing on 30 acres. Our three high bays allow for a high degree of flexibility and capability to manufacture, refurbish and trial fit large acoustic assemblies, steel structures, and industrial equipment of all varieties. We are currently undergoing a major campus and equipment modernization program. CNC machining equipment, additional shop space, new laser cutter, new saw, new brake, new pull fixtures, heavy cranes, extra large forklift, more welding machines, new paint & blast setup, and handling/layout equipment are improvements to the main shop. VLI has also built a new 10,000 sq. ft. Production Control building, with all manufacturing support functions located together. Our QHSE Department has newly remodeled office space, and we have recently opened our 25,000 sq. ft. Materials/Logistics center to house together purchasing, shipping & receiving, crating and inventory functions.

VLI delivers a variety of manufactured acoustic products with applications for aero engine, industrial and gas turbine facilities and installations  including inlet silencing packages, acoustic panels, mobile control booths, doors, enclosures, exhaust diffusers, unit stands, tubes and stacks. Products may be custom designed to customer specifications or built to print.

Now with Celtech, NETS, Hager, and Atec, Vital Link’s total fabrication capabilities are favorably expanded.