Vital Link, Inc. has designed, delivered and installed Novec Fire Suppression Systems into numerous hush houses and test cells. This system was proposed to replace Halon, the Ozone Depleting Chemical.  VLI proposed NOVEC after years of study on the unique operation environment for Noise Suppressor Systems. FSS repairs and configuration standardization upgrades are new tasking categories under the HH/NSS IDIQ contract for 2018 and beyond.

In 2011, VLI was awarded a contract for the turnkey supply, installation and first article testing of a Novec based Fire Suppression System installed in a T-10 Noise Suppressor (Hush House) at Dannelly Field ANGB AL.  This project was successfully completed and delivered, along with updates to the Technical Orders and a set of proprietary drawings.  This is currently the only Novec based Fire Suppression System configuration approved for use in a USAF T-10 Noise Suppressor. Atec and Celtech complement our FSS offerings with Novec systems for control cabs and subsystems.

Today, we are under contract to deliver a new paradigm in test cell FSS with a super low volume, ultra fine water mist system for protection of the most advanced military aircraft. Now, joined with Atec and Celtech, both with extensive FSS personnel and experience, VLI offers an unmatched team to address test cell fire safety.

Novec Full Discharge Test – T-10 Hush House Dannelly Field AL
Vital Link has completed the successful installation and testing of six Novec Fire Suppression Systems in T-10 Hush Houses at USAF bases—Hickam AFB HI, Hurlburt Field FL (2 each), Osan AB ROK, Kunsan AB ROK (2 each), and Davis Monthan AFB AZ. Now, these environmentally compatible systems are being installed in test cells, control rooms/cabins and equipment rooms by VLI at CONUS and OCONUS locations.

Installation of High Expansion Foam Systems
VLI has installed High Ex Foam Fire Suppression Systems at several locations in USAF, including Spangdahlem AB GE, RAF Lakenheath UK and Keflavik AB Iceland. Additional rework to these Noise Suppressors was performed.

Fire Suppression Sample Projects:
VLI is the proven technology leader for the Fire Suppression Systems for many Noise Suppressor Systems and AeroEngine Test Cells.  Services include a) turnkey supply, installation and acceptance testing; b) refurbishment, installation and acceptance testing; c) maintenance and sustainment.  Sample projects include:

  • AFFF FSS in an F16 Hush House at Al Dhafra Air Base, United Arab Emirates
  • High Expansion Foam FSS in an F-16 T-10 Hush House at Krzesiny AB Poland
  • AFFF FSS in a T-10 Superwide Hush House at NAS Jacksonville FL
  • Water FSS in a T-9 Noise Suppressor at Springfield ANGB MO
  • Water FSS in a T-9 Noise Suppressor at Bradley Field ANGB CT
  • Halon based FSS in a T-10 Noise Suppressor at JRB Belle Chasse LA
  • Water FSS in (2) T-56 Noise Suppressors at Hurlburt Field CT
  • AFFF FSS in a USN Hush House at NAS Fallon NV

As fire systems are a life critical safety system, we typically partner with specialty fire suppression system companies, such as Hiller, Firetrol, SoFi or others. Our new affiliation with the former Astronics Engine Test Systems group (now NETS), brings us enlarged expertise for Naval/Marine Fire Safety Systems projects shipboard and onbase.

Key Considerations

  • Costs reduced with developed products and teamed engineering expertise
  • 125+ engineers and certified fire safety supplier partners working together
  • 30+ years of Fire Suppression/Safety experience and leadership
  • Familiar with leading edge and legacy suppression systems
  • Facility design merged with environmental, health and safety considerations to offer comprehensive solutions per ISO 14001
  • Teamed with Atec and Celtech, both with extensive FSS experience
  • NETS now offers close familiarity with Naval and Marine requirements